Welcome to my blog

I tend to prefer the dialectic as opposed to the broadcast as far as formulating and maintaining my subjective opinion, but I believe I have logged enough hours on this. Thus my long-preempted blog is born.  I frequent mostly rapid-fire real-time forums like Y!A, but have been known to go after a challenge and seek out those who disagree with me and have a great deal of history or intellectual backing. Some of you may know me as Diethyl Ether Dinner Candle or Chloroform Dating Services on those sites.

I suppose there are even more advantages to blogging besides broadcast vs. dialectic. There is more freedom and no need to be subjected to silly forum rules. I suppose more adult content could be included as well, for children and others (mostly others, i.e. adult-aged children) who can’t handle the material presented here have even more choice not to stay; they can go find another blog. I have never been one for dumbing down or censoring for the purposes of making a G ( General Audiences) rating. I know this is the American way, that is to pander to ever-expanding audiences but I really don’t like it. Over the years, this trend has ruined most media forms of entertainment from TV to Movies to Literature to Music. Look, some material is made for a target audience and it is the duty of such an audience to conform to it and not visa versa.

Well, that is my official welcome message. Be advised that the material contained herein may not be suitable for all, may not always be interesting, but I guarantee it will be a novel synthesis. Enjoy.





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